soulseek (or other)

    Im trying to download soulseek as ive seen its recommended here by a few people, however when trying to download my avg comes up with a warning and is blocking me from it - is this normal? I can override the block but its not advised...

    Im just looking for a programme to download some music files,dont really know much about them but have tried limewire and ended up with some viruses in the past which i want to avoid. Seen napster is £9.95 a month - is it worth it?

    any advice appreciated - thanks x


    frostwire (limewire pro) is free which i use for single songs.....

    but i use utorrent for all other things

    also id ditch avg and get something like avast

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    i know tried to get avast but my pc wouldnt let me download it - it would only allow avg ! No idea why - must be an avg virus or something lol - I'll try frost wire, hadnt heard of that before, thank you... utorrent ive seen being mentioned but looks so complicated - ill need to have a look though im sure i could figure it out Thank you

    frostwire is just limewire has LESS viruses.....

    maybe uninstall avg then install avast.....

    Are you downloading the genuine Soulseek, there's a few fake sites out there.

    P2P apps like Soulseek and Limewire and the like have always been riddled with viruses all the way through. You're much, much better off downloading Utorrent, and using ThePirateBay for all of your music.

    you want to make sure you are downloading it from www. that is where the genuine copy of it is
    soulseek is not "riddled" with viruses, unlike limewire
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