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I am thinking of getting a soundbar to enhance the audio. I watch films or TV shows like walking dead and got etc but I find the sound on my TV is either too loud during action scenes but the speaking parts are clear. or I turn it down so as not to wake the kids but then the speaking bits are too quiet.... would a sound bar improve this and level it out a bit?

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Not really with a single bar. Maybe a surround sound set or one with a sub would be better.
I have a panasonic bar which has a few preset modes and ajustable treble and bass but I have a similair problem to you.

I too have a panasonic soundbar. Mine has a setting for voice. This boosts the voice making it easier to hear..

The best setting for mine is Cinema preset + Bass @ 2 + Dialog @ 4.
Panny SC-HTB170

The problem with TVs these days are the lack of bass depth due to the size and power of the speakers inside slim TVs.. having a sound bar with a inbuilt sub or a separate sub will defiantly improve your audiovisual experience no doubt

How much would good quality soundbars with a sub inside cost?
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Whatever you do, DON'T get a Goodmans soundbar. They are absolute pieces of s*it.

Auto levelling can sometimes help if your tv has it. However it is sometimes the cause. I'd try around with a few different audio options from the menu with a set scene from a programme where you have the problem. That way you have a benchmark. If you want a sound bar, probably stay away from cheaper brands. Tesco flea bay outlet store has many on, so maybe worth looking their for a bargain. I also agree that a sound bar will add to the experience in general, but if you have kids, maybe headphones? Although typically once asleep kids do tend to not be easily woken? Hope this helps a little.

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I have used headphones a couple of times and these are great at improving the sound, but I dont want to wear them constantly. I do have a surround system system but with this on I still have to have it turned up fairly loud for it to really do anything then the bass is rumbling and action appears eben more enhanced. I'm looking to replace the surround sound as its never used and thought of a bar. the kids probably won't wake its just that fear that if they do it'll either take a while to settle them again or they will hear stuff they are too young for. horrors are the worst as they have very quiet scenes with whispers or low talking which needs turning up, then suddenly you get the loud phone ringing or screaming or ghost noises. I'll look at some bars with a sub and see what reviews are like. thanks for teezgaff for model and settings.

For dialogue you really need a centre speaker as it's a pain to process stereo into pseudo 3.1
Google soundbar 3.1, stereo soundbars are crappy.

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just googled that Kester, these are way out my budget at moment, until come down in price. unless i can swap my surround sound for one? but as its not wireless, and is dvd i doubt it`ll fewtch much
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