Sound Blaster, what coloured port for the Mic?

    Am i right in thinking that SB cards have the colours the wrong way round and that the pink jack for the mic goes into blue?

    Having a right nightmare trying to get the thing to work with Win7.


    Blue is usually Line In, if you don't have a pink mic input it might be a multi-function blue input

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    On the back of the card for the blue port there is a picture of a mic, i've tried it in the pink one and still nothing from the mic.

    Have you turned up the "Line In" volume? (Accessed either from Control Panel or right-click the notification speaker icon and select Open Volume Control.)


    it also depends on the settings, if it is set to 5.1 output, the port assignments change, and might then not have a mic port
    change it to 2.1 or one of the other settings

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    Ok ill check after i come back from the school run (thx for the replies everyone!).

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    Ok my set up:

    Headset plugged into my SB card at the back, headphones work A OK mic doesn't.

    In Playback everything is disabled except for Speakers SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio

    In Recording again everything is disabled except for Microphone SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio

    You need to do what people have said also say in a reply what you have tried out of their suggestions. As jubbyme said the inputs/outputs can change depending on whether digital output is ticked, 5.1 / 7.1 / 2.1 etc.…-Fi…dio…to/…chm

    Save the manual on your computer.■Right-click the manual and select P … Save the manual on your computer.■Right-click the manual and select Properties.■Select the General tab, click the Unblock button, and then click OK.

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    Ok don, cheers bud!! i'll let you guys know the outcome!


    Ok don, cheers bud!! i'll let you guys know the outcome!


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    Still nothing! changed the drivers with Creative, ran the Windows drivers and they came back up to date, i did get sound through the mic but it had a lot of static interference which then gave out a loud cracking noise and went off (i could hear my voice through the headset but i had to really shout!).

    The more i look into this it seems that it's something to do with this card and win7 conflicting, i might buy another card or buy a cheap mic because the mic part of the headset could be damaged for all i know.

    Oh forgot to say 2.1 has always been selected, the port i'm using is defo the right one as well.


    Right! disabled the on board HD Audio in the Bios rebooted and ran Microphone Test in Steam, before i did that i enabled Microphone +20dB Boost which gives out an annoying hissing noise. Ok so i talk normally into the mic through the test on Steam nothing, i have to literally shout at the top of my voice and voila i can myself talking but only very low!
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