Sound but no picture

I have a Technika 32" tv. For the third time now the picture is lost but I still have sound. Previously, I have it a while and it has fixed itself but not this time. Sometimes,you begin to get some picture but mainly vertical lines but never a complete screen

Any advice?


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I guess you are using a the internal freeview. Have you tried using something extremal like a dvd player or game console? Sounds like tv is broken though..

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cheapest option would be too try new hdmi lead .. then try what wayners said .. if not bin and get new one

Trying a different source to check if the display still works? If it does the tuner must have gone.

Have to agree with all above answers but you really do need to tell us what you are using to get the picture on your screen.

motherboard replacement me thinks.


Any advice?

If it's under 5 years old, get a replacement from where you purchased it, I'd guess Tesco.


Buy cheap, get cheap

Maybe it's all he could afford!

sounds like your digitiser is at fault (or more specifically the connection between it an the screen). what I do is give the frame of the TV a hard thump with my hand, if that doesn't work I use a book or something harder than my hand so that it gives a hard and fast jarring to knock the connections back in place.

it may sound a bit far fetched, or you might think that hitting your TV is a stupid idea, but if you search on YouTube you'll see plenty of videos showing this fix. probably worth looking even if it's just to check that what it's fixing is what's wrong with your TV.
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