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    My son has been given a computer which is just about appropriate, but there are two issues: it doesn´t have a sound card, so his games are disappointing. Also, it doesn´t connect to the internet, so was thinking, does anybody know where to get a sound card, please. Are they complicated to install? Also, any recommendations for one of those cards / thingies you plug in at the back to have a wireless internet connection?

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    Very unusual for a PC not to have a onboard sound chip (they are part of the motherboard)..are you sure there isn't one? way to find out is to go into "control Panel" then into "System" then into "hardware" and then "device manager" ...if there is nothing listed for sound, video and game controllers then there is no sound chip on the mobo..however if there are listings then there is a sound chip..and if these listings have yellow exclamation marks alongside then you should install the drivers...which should be on the CDROM that came with the PC.

    If there is no sound chip then you can purchase a basic one in a Maplin store

    Before advice on wireless internet connection you'll need to inform whether your internet is ADSL (over the phoneline) or cable that will inflence the type of wireless router required....also you'll need to check that the PC has a LAN connection on the rear of the PC.
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