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Found 29th May
My son’s pc is having trouble with sound output and mic

I updated it to Windows 10 64bit a few months ago and all
seemed to be ok.

Then the graphics card packed so I bought a new one.

This seemed to install ok but then we found that the sound
output and mic input no longer work from the on-board motherboard sockets.

Although on the sound settings, the little graph goes up and
down looking like there is sound.

We do get sound from the monitor via the hdmi.

He always uses a headset as he talks to his friends while playing
all the time. He never uses speakers.

The motherboard is a p8p67 pro.

I have tried various drivers from the motherboard site and
others I have found on the web, updated the bios, and done a fresh install of
Windows 10, but no different.

I have tried using a different graphics card, without HDMI,
but still nothing.

I bought two different USB soundcards but they did not work,
I have since found out that Windows 10 does not like USB soundcards. I was able
to get sound to work with one of these but not the mic.

On the motherboard site there are drivers for Windows 10
64bit so I assumed my card is supported even though it is quite an old one.

Therefore, unless anyone can give any other suggestions to
get it to work, I think I will have to get a separate soundcard.

As I said he only uses a headset, so does not need a top end
soundcard, so can anyone suggest a cheap soundcard that will work ok on Windows
10, most of the cheaper ones do not seem to say if they are compatible with Windows
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Windows 10 should work fine with a usb soundcard as they're pretty generic. Sounds more like you have an issue with the front panel audio connector.

You need to 1st check what your default audio output is set to and what frequency and bitrate it is.

Not sure where you're connecting your headphones and Mic as you have the front panel header and the rear of the motherboard. If one of these is damaged it can default to them.
Any GPU with HDMI can default to audio output, even VR headsets. I've even got Blue Nessie Mic that doubles as an audio output. Also check you don't have A Bluetooth headset set to default. Also remember that default audio and default communication outputs are different settings. So you need to change both.
As above but try using a USB headset and ensuring you have the correct motherboard sound drivers installed. If these aren’t available because your using some Stone Age motherboard then change the motherboard to something where drivers are available for windows 10 or consider a proper sound card. Older style motherboards can be picked up new for under £50.

Drivers for the motherboard can be found on the manufacturers website if you post some further details such as make and model of the motherboard we can point you to those.
Hi, thanks for your replies.

I did put which motherboard it is it is an Asus p8p67 pro, and I have been to the manufacturer’s website and used what drivers are there. I even updated the bios from there.

The front panel audio connector had never been plugged in since we got the system and he had been using the sockets in the back panel. I have tried plugging the connector in for the front panel but it just gives the same problem.

I have tried 2 different USB soundcards, I did get sound from one and the mic did show a glimmer. I tried a fix I found online to boost the mic input but the best I could get was a whisper coming out if I shouted down the mic, but also gave lots of crackle.

I have tried changing the default audio output, but not sure what the bitrate should be, I guess I could have missed the correct combination.

One thing I have noticed is that when I plug it in to the back panel it seems says that it is the front panel. But my son insists it has always said that, even when it worked ok.

I am not sure if the motherboard is counted as being ancient or worthwhile updating, cannot really afford too if everything else in the pc is not compatible.

If I went for a soundcard can anyone suggest one that is cheap but does what he needs, I have looked on Amazon but the cheaper ones do not say if they are compatible with windows 10. He only uses a headset so does not need surround sound. Just wants one that works for a headset with separate sockets for mic and headphones.
I have that motherboard with Default drivers from windows. My mic is connected though ' Pink ' 'Rear Panel 3.5mm Jack ' which works with Skype, cs and Discord.

Driver supplied by Windows Are:

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publishe

Ie 100% windows, no additional drivers except Nvidia graphics.

' Windows Key + R ' devmgmt.msc Enter or Just open Device Manager yourself.

Audio Inouts and Outputs
Microphone ( Realtek High Definition Audio )
Realtek Digital Output ( Realtek High Definition Audio )
Realtek Digital Output (Optical) ( Realtek High Definition Audio )
Speakers (Reaktek High Def Audio

Sound, Video and Game Controllers
I have
Nvidia stuff + Realtek High Definition Audio
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As far as I know the only USB audio limitation with Windows 10 is a lack of class II support, and that's generally just used by high end devices. The more common class I devices work fine.

If multiple different audio devices aren't working currently then I wouldn't expect a sound card to work either, I'd be looking at suspects that affect everything.

Is this a single headset or seperate headphones and microphones?

If it's a single headset then does it have any fancy features (in-line control, bass boost etc.) I'm presuming it's connected via analogue 3.5mm connectors and not USB?

Have you tried with a different set of headphones or speakers? Such as the ones you get with a mobile.
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