Sound Card PCI-Express x1 w/Midi (Music Producing Set-Up) 24-bit 96 kHz

    Hi all, i'm looking for a bit of help with choosing the right set-up for my Music Producing orientated PC.

    Need suggestions for decent not too pricey sound cards preferably with PCI-E X1 & a Midi port on it.

    My current motherboard is a gigabyte one GA-G31MX S2 mATX

    I'm running Windows XP SP3 due to not wanting to leave all my old production stuff behind, most of it was created on windows xp & quite a lot of the VST's don't work with vista unfortunately.

    I've heard a lot of bad things about 'Creative' cards so i'm not interested in those unless there is one that outshines other competition.

    If i can't find one with PCI-E X1 & midi together then please just recommend an individual PCI-E X1 sound card for audio out/in etc
    & a separate suggestion for a decent Midi sound card

    I have looked myself obviously but i'm calling on help of other people that also do music production and have a good set-up & those who know a lot about Sound cards/Midi/PCI-E X1 on the market today

    The card i have my eye on atm is the M-Audio Audiophile Sound card - 96 kHz - 24-bit
    looks like it is what i'm looking for but again, need help.

    I have googled lots & lots & i am still none the wiser.

    Thanks in advance

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