Sound insulation help!


    I live next to a relatively busy road and want to try to sound proof an exterior front door.

    Does anyone have any good ideas or experience doing this?



    What kinda front door you got?

    You sure that's where all the noise comes in? What windows are installed?

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    Thanks for responding! The windows are rubbish however we are having them replaced.
    It it wooden flooring which i assume doesnt help.

    The simplest way to add soundproofing to to hang a heavy curtain inside the door, but don't forget that you will need to be able to move it to one side so you can still get in & out.

    Best type of doors for sound insulation would be a well fitted upvc system with triple glazed glass on it. The flooring wouldn't really make an odds with external noise of that nature mate.

    The poster aboves advice is pretty good as a cheaper alternative to having a new door installed.
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