Sound system upgrade Samsung HW-Q90R

Posted 23rd May
I've got an older (10 years?) Sony 5.1 surround system and looking to upgrade ideally with Dolby Atmos..
I've been looking up reviews and quite like the sound of the Samsung HW-Q90R which fits in my budget of around £1000 as I can get it for £1019 from Samsung direct.

Anyone got any advice as to if there is anything better for the same price that's Dolby atmos/surround etc?
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Do you really need wireless speakers?
I’m pretty sure for £1k you could build up a superior system if you have space for wired speakers.
I’ve built up an Onkyo sr949 £250
Wharfedale Diamond 220 & 210, pair of each £210 total. Wharfedale Wharfedale D300 Atmos £150 and a used Boston Acoustics Sub that came as part of an XS package for £50.
Wharfedale CS 11 centre speaker, £200.

That’s £860 and while I built it up over a few months and I’m sure there are better options. £1k buys a lot of sound. I’m probably going to get a BK sub at some point, which for £200 frequently would have put me at £1010 if I didn’t have the used sub in the package.

Oh and that was after coming from a Samsung HW-F751 2.1. While obviously my new setup has surround. It also has far better speech than the sound bar.
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Agree with the above, if it’s’ just ease of use then that looks like a great soundbar...but if you can get wired speakers and an av receiver you can get a good system for £1000....I just got a 3010i setup with stands at the back, 1600h denon av receiver, T rel zero subwoofer and cambridge minx speakers for heights for atmos for £1200.
If you get a package of speakers with the amp you can get some good deals for £1k.
I like the idea of building it up but I don't know if I can be bothered with the hassle and I like the idea wireless speakers. However I've settled on the Samsung soundbar as a mate who works for Samsung has said he can get it on discount for £650!

cheers for the advice much appreciated
New sonos atmos sound bar or two echo studios and sub?...
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