Sound Therapy and Firework Training for Dogs

Posted 24th Oct
It's almost that time of year that scares the bejesus out of our animals, so it's helpful to know that there are some free resources out there to make sure the event is as stress free as possible. I've cobbled together a few links for free apps and info on some equipment that may help.

Dogs Trust Sound Therapy for Pets

(You Tube)

Relaxing music for dogs (Spotify)

Natural remedies for anxious dogs


Adaptil calm home diffuser

Bluecross fireworks pet advice

Firework tips for cats

Cats protection tips
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I have a cat and we watched videos of fireworks on YouTube to get her used to the noise.
Started with normal volume, then increased a bit more. Repeated over a couple of weeks and she really isn't bothered by the noises of fireworks now.
Thank you for posting. We've already had some of the loudest fireworks ever going off. Sends my dog nuts barking and can't say I blame him. I use a scarf that i wrap around his chest and then under his tummy and tie it at the top so it acts like a thunder jacket saw it posted somewhere a couple of years ago. I've had mixed results but definitely is better than nothing at all. Hope everyone's fur babies are ok after the bonfire period.
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