Found 20th Sep 2008
Connected my Laptop to my 42" last night with a VGA cable, the picture was great but the sound still only comes out through the laptop speakers.

Any advice on how to get the sound to come out through my TV would be great.

Can i configure a setting on the laptop to make the sound come through the TV or do i need another cable?


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You need a stereo to stereo cable from your laptop's external speaker socket to audio input of the TV. If your TV and laptop have SPDIF sockets then that would be even better as the signal is a pure digital signal and Dolby decoding can be done with the circuitry in the TV.

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Ace. i'll do some checking when i get in, cheers Elliott.

VGA is video only, you'll definitely need a seperate cable for sound.


EndlessWaves is right :thumbsup:
you need a seperate lead, probably 3.5mm to 2 phono plugs, but depends on the TV input.
What make/model is the TV?

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Its a big Samsung. Not sure of the model but its about 12months old, 42" flat screen.
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