Sound & Vision out of sync. Cheep & cheerful fix available?

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Found 21st Oct 2008
I erm, aquired, the film Madagascar this afternoon.
The sound and vision are out of sync by about 1 - 2 seconds.
The file is mpeg-4.
Is there an easy fix for this?

I later, erm, aquired, an avi file of the same film and have the same problem.
I have watched other avi files recently with no problem.

Any ideas?


I dont know of any easy and quick way to do it other than separate the audio from video files, open them in AV editing software, sync them then burn them back to DVD. Cheers.

What are you using to play them? Sounds like you are using the wrong player...

could be a player problems or a file problem. Try the below to see if it pixes the problem.


The Kmplayer has audio sync feature. Free download at

VLC player is good or you could always go and buy.... nah forget it, i'll leave that quote for someone else!

Original Poster

Plays fine on Kmplayer without adjusting any settings.
Very strange.
As I said, other files play o.k.
I used DivX, Windows media player and Real player and had problems with all of them on this file only.
Wierd stuff.
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