Just bought a Samsung 4K tv and my Samsung soundbar won't connect. Does this mean my tv does not support soundshare I use on my last tv? Any help would be much appreciated thank you


    What are the model numbers for both products.

    I'm assuming the TV has Blue tooth ,some samsungs Don't !!!
    if it has and you are unable to connect Samsung have a remote user system and you can call Samsung support and ask them to set it up for you just make shure you go in to Menu and select Allow on the TV

    I've got a new Samsung tv and connected my panasonic sound bar, works fine. If you look at the remote, press source at the top the tv will have a tick with it, try selecting the receiver option. This may allow you to select the sound bar as the sound source.

    How you connecting? If hdmi use the port marked arc. Audio return channel. It's the one that sends the sound out. Normally the hdmi 2 is arc

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    Cheers ppl, the old tv had soundshare option or summut and just picked it up, this new 4K tv only has option of hdmi optical or audio, think I'll have to just use a hdmi cable cheers for help
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