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    Hi all, looking for a good soundbar with surround sound capabilities. Any suggestions? Looked at Bose 15 but looks poor from reviews. Heard of Yamaha ysp 1600 but deals on these are like rocking horse poo


    Hi, LG have many good sound bars, and many of them come with sub-woofers... For 179.99 you can get a decent one with a wireless sub-woofer:…373

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    LG LAS550H has great sound quality. Surround sound works moderately well, though not the equal of a multi speaker setup

    Why not just get surround speakers instead if you really want surround sound.…810
    entry level yes but £250 for proper surround setup.
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    I picked up one of these Orbitsound M12's off ebay.…es/

    i paid approx £110 for it (was supposed to be man refurb) but it came like brand new. Retails at approx £300. Wireless sub, bluetooth etc-superb.

    From what I've heard I don't think you can get a decent one for that price.
    I wanted to get one to save some space as I currently use floorstanding speakers. But I think the sound is too good from my current set up as all the soundbars I heard sounded tinny in comparison. (_;)

    Also it makes a difference where you are positioned - I had a listen to this and thought it sounded ok, but only if you were right in front, standing to the side it wasn't that great.

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    Appreciate you bought and comments folks thank you. Thought it may be a tough ask but not one for loads of wires going off round the room and wireless surround sound seemed wayyyy too pricey
    Happy Christmas
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