Found 1st Jan 2015
I'm after a soundbar for less than £200 with the following features.
Any recommendations from usage would certainly be appreciated.

TV connectivity by optical
Bluetooth connectivity for phones and laptop.
Built in sub woofer, don't really want a separate sub.

All comments and help appreciated

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I dont know of any with a built in sub but the SAMSUNG - HW-H450 is an excellent unit but it will need connecting with an HDMI cable for the TV remote to restart the unit when its off or you will need to use the separate remote that comes with it.

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I got one from Argos with all the features you mentioned for 35 quid for connecting to my pc so you should get a decent one for up to 200

Ignore the brand name and go check out the reviews of this:…-cn a Soundbase as opposed to a Soundbar but very impressive.

Try this has everything you asked for..…AUg

I had the yamaha yas 101 couple of years ago and it was excellent

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Has to be a soundboard for space.

I have got one of these, really great of kit minx tv


Has to be a soundboard for space.

Unless your TV is wall mounted I would of thought a Soundbase is a more efficient use of space as you stand the TV on top of it?


I have got one of these, really great of kit minx tv

Have to agree here either the TV Minx or Cambridge Audio TV2 also from richer sounds.

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As I only have a 2 shelf TV stand with blue ray on one and freest on other I have nowhere to put the soundbase.
A soundbar would fit in front of my TV though.
And it you mean you stand the actual TV on it, I'm not comfortable with that, our LCD TV is 6 years old and quite heavy with an oval base.

Think I need to do my homework
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