Posted 17th Mar 2023
hello I managed to find the Samsung q60t for 100 pounds at John Lewis clearence sale.

thought not bad now I am using it with PS4 pro and netflix,now I no sound bar don't support Dolby digital plus just DD,DTS, and adaptive and surrounded mode,

now do I less the playstation deal with audio processing and set PS4 to Dolby,so it can deal the DD plus and set sound bar to Dolby so it matches etc.

many thanks
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  1. Pricklerickle's avatar
    says here lpcm is only supported 2 channels ,not five
    jameshothothot's avatar
    Then seems dts would be best?

    Two channel uncompressed is like my old optical cable set up (edited)
  2. Deedie's avatar
    Are you trying to get the ps4 to deal with the audio processing before outputting to your sound bar?

    Is that what you are trying to do?
    Pricklerickle's avatar
    yea as I as I believe it is better for sound processing,if I am correct as can handle more audio formats
  3. jameshothothot's avatar
    You say it supports DTS so the articlr above says that is quicker for compression than Dolby so you should use that if cannot get surround via lpcm

    Playstation 4/5:

    Best: LPCM (Uncompressed surround sound)
    Second: DTS (Compressed surround sound).
    Last: Dolby Digital (Compressed surround sound that often has a slight delay).
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    The soundbar has hdmi so that is the way it should be connected to the ps4 for best outcome
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