Soundbars: Sonos Beam vs Samsung HW MS650

Posted 12th Jul 2018
I’ve never had any form of sound system or soundbar but recently I’ve been considering one. I’m not interested in getting something rubbish and I’m not an audiophile, so getting something super expensive isn’t what I want either. I’m also considering a soundbar over a sound system because I don’t want to ruin the looks of my sitting room

Basically, what I want is something that sounds pretty good for MOVIES (not music), provides good value for money and is relatively future-proof. I’ve checked out reviews and the Samsung HWMS650 looks like a winner but as it’s a bit older now, I’m curious to know how it holds up compared to something new like the Sonos Beam.

Is the Sonos Beam more for music than movies? Is the Samsung just better overall for movies and does that quality trump over the smart features of the Sonos Beam if I’m using it mainly for movies?

Another thought is will I be getting more value if I go for the Samsung Dolby Atmos setup? (Although I probably won’t be getting this due to space/sitting room design)

Note: The soundbar I do get will be connected to the TV/Apple TV 4K
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