Soundmagic e10 or e10s?

Found 11th Jan 2015
The e10s are an extra £10 on Amazon, are they worth buying over the e10?
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None of it,go with sennheiser cx200,I have e 10 and sound is inferior to cx200 and for the money nothing come close.
Not 100% sure if this is correct but I think the only difference between the E10 and the E10S is that for the E10S there is an inline mic which allows you to take/make calls whilst they're plugged into your phone. Not too sure about improved sound quality over the E10 so unless you're going to be using them for phonecalls, I doubt they'd be worth the extra £10

I've had a pair of E10 earphones in the past. Although the sound quality was great, the build quality was not. For one of my earbuds, the front speaker part split from the main body part. In the design you can see on the body closest to the tip, there is a ring where the black part meets the coloured part. That's where it split for me. At the time Amazon still had customer submitted images on their product pages. I remember for the E10 page, there was someone who had submitted an image of one earbud being damaged exactly like mine so I think that part of the design is a weak point. I take care of my earphones and didn't chuck them into my pocket/bag when not in use. I've had a pair of Sennheiser CX300 for years before getting those E10 which are still going. Might just be bad luck with the E10 I got but it's worth looking into lower rated reviews before making a decision to buy them.
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