SoundMagic pl30 headphones under £20 ???

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Found 19th Mar 2010
Looking to get a good deal on these - Found the following but not sure about the sites or if theres any codes that could get the price down or a better site... Oh and Id like them in white if I can? Although thats not too important...




Yeah i was going to get the PL50


I want to know if the site is legit.

Has anyone had any experience with them that can help?

I've never used them but they've been around for a while.

I bought the PL50s mp4nation.net/cat…_46 about 5 months ago but gave them to the OH - not enough bass in them for me.

I was also looking at the Head-Direct RE0's but I can't find where to buy them in the UK.

I have used the pricethriller.com site twice now and they usually have PL30's available in the UK. They were quick to reply to my emails and didn't really give me any hassle on both occasions. They definately have the cheapest price for these great headphones and they do them in Black, Grey or White...although white might be a little tough to keep clean!

Hope this helps you guys
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