Found 8th Oct 2017
Don't know whether its my age but,i'm finding Heinz soups (for a rush eat) very bland these days, just looking for you guys to bring forward alternative soup brands that you love and have plenty of taste!.......over to you guys
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i find cross and blackwell a good soup with a wider range of choice
Had a nice chicken and parsnip soup from Tesco last week, cost 70p on offer.

My favourite soup is a Hot and Sour Soup from my local Chinese, the only thing close is a Hot and Sour frozen soup in Iceland.

My own recipe soups aren't bad. I get soup veg (leek, celery, carrot and parsley) and mix a tin of tomatoes, a stock cube and whatever else I feel. I thicken it up with rice or pasta.
Chicken and vegetable soup by M&S is brilliant. Much better than any Heinz soup. Try M&S soup, you won't look back
I tried cheapo tesco tomato soup the other day as it was all they had, was actually good
Campbell's Lentil and Bacon is my favourite. B&M about 60p a can. Aldi do some nice Lamb/Beef Broth's as well.
My wife does a curried butternut squash soup that's amazing. It's from Weight Watchers and for anyone who is on one of their plans, it's apparently 0 points per serving.

Shop bought soups - I like the Cully & Sully ones that Tesco sell. New Covent Garden soups are far too salty for my taste.
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