Soup Receipe? Simple, Cheap, Easy & Healthy :-) IDEAS?

Found 25th Jan 2011
Hello all

Has anyone got a really easy, tasty buy really healthy receipe for a soup?

I want to make something really good to take to work and have for my dinner. I would make this before I go to work.

I am not a very good cook so the simple the better!

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you'll need a hand blender, one large onion,2 cloves of garlic1 butternut squash, peeled and de seeded, 3 lge sweet potatoes,and Two chicken or veg stock cubes, fry all the ingredients together in a littke oil or butter,add the stock cubes mix in and cover in boiling water from the kettle and let it boil down for about 40 mins until all veg is soft and the lkquid has reduced, add more water if needed though, then add a tin of coconut milk and simmer for about 15 mins,.
then blend, add a little more water if to thick and salt and pepper to taste.

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1 tin opener, 1 can of tomato soup, 1 pot, 1 thermos.
1. open can with tin opener
2. pour contents in pot.
3. heat pot of soup on hob.
4. once at required temp. pour contents into flask.
5.take to work and enjoy.
my favourite atm is this
Potato and bacon

An onion diced small
Some bacon, chopped into small pieces, fry in butter/oil whatever you please
Chicken stock
Mash potato, ideal for leftover mash from a sunday dinner etc or scooped from jacket spuds

Fry onion and bacon, pour in stock, add potato and some seasoning....all done easy peasy tastes great, i like mine quite thick
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if by healthy you mean,becoming slim then don't waste money and time,simply go to africa for a month or will be amazed by becoming really healthy in this time
Courgette and garlic soup

This is yummy - even the non-courgette eaters lap it up. The recipe says not to blend it all, but it seems to be the texture of cooked courgette that puts most people off - so the whole lot gets whizzed in our house!

P.S - i have told myself that a less calorific option is subbing the cream for creme fraiche
Leek, Onion and Potato Soup
Serves 4
4 large leeks
1 medium onion, chopped small
175 g Mash
1 oz (25 g) butter
11/2 pints (850 ml) stock, made up from Marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon powder
10 fl oz (275 ml) milk
salt and freshly milled black pepper
To serve:
1 tablespoon crème fraiche or double cream
11/2 tablespoons snipped fresh chives or chopped fresh parsley

To prepare leeks, first take off the tough outer leaves and trim off most of the very green part. Now, using a sharp knife, place the leek on a flat surface and make an incision vertically about halfway down (because of the intricate layers, there can be dust and grit trapped in-between, usually in the upper part). Now turn on the cold tap and fan out the layers of leek to rinse them through and rid them of any hidden dirt. Then slice them in one inch slices.
Now in a large, thick-based saucepan, gently melt the butter, then add the leeks and onions, stirring them all round with a wooden spoon so they get a nice coating of butter. Season with salt and pepper, then cover and let the vegetables sweat over a very low heat for about 15 minutes.
After that, add the stock, milk and the frozen mashed potatoes. Stir well and when it reaches a gentle simmer, cover and cook gently for a further 10 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and the mash has thoroughly defrosted – don’t have the heat too high as the milk can boil over. Now put the whole lot into a blender – leave it to cool a little first – and blend to a purée. If you have to blend the soup in batches, make sure you have a bowl to hand to put the first batch into.
Now return the soup to the saucepan and reheat gently, tasting to check the seasoning. Before serving sprinkle with freshly snipped chives or parsley and add a swirl of crème fraiche
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