Found 17th Apr 2007
The Souptoys are a collection of more than sixty toys that you can play with directly on your computer desktop. Build intricate castles, create fantastic contraptions, decorate your desktop, design your own puzzles or just fling the toys around - they're your toys, play with them how you want to. Once you've built your elaborate playsets save them for later and share them with your friends
un for all ages, Souptoys are new and encourage creativity and imagination. They're simple to pick up and play with for minutes or hours.
Souptoys brightens up your desktop and turns it into a virtual playroom!

I've just started playing with this and its great! Its basically a toybox on your desktop. Before you think its really babyish, its not, you can make it as complex as you want!

You can make your own contraptions or download other peoples and just generally waste some time.

interested? Heres the link!
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Thought it would be cool if us HUKDers could make some contraptions and share them with each other, or send links to other peoples cool work!
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