South Park 1-12 DVD set?

    Was this officially released? I saw this auction but cannot find it on any of the major sites.…459

    Is this an official release or a clever fake?

    Sorry if wrong forum


    from the picture it looks like it is each of the separate series box sets all stacked ontop of each other rather than 1 big set,

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    As did I until I googled and this sprung up: ]http//ww…on-

    (For some reason the URL doesn't work, add this to the above [36-DVDs]&gclid=COejgPrHuJ8CFROZ2Aod5zP3zg

    Looks the same with the label taken off? I could be overly cynical here;-)

    I got a season 1-11 but it was like £80 and one of the Chinese bootleg ones factory pressed but so badly done that many things like laptop players wont play them and as of about season 6 it was tv rips i.e some were encoded from like 100 meg tv rips some from 200 meg and just set to dvd format(even had encoders name on them) so awful quality.
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