South Park box sets - where are they?!

Found 5th Jul 2007
OK, South Park series 1-3 box sets are pretty much impossible to find on online retail stores and 4 is becoming pretty uncommon and expensive when available. I suspect these are now out of production. Will they ever return? Anyone know of any plans for future releases?

Although I was a huge fan, I lost track of South Park after season 3! We've never had Sky or cable so it was difficult to keep up. I wish it'd all just come to an end and they'd release one final box set with everything so I could catch up!
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you can buy season 4 for £16.99 from blahdvd
Thanks. Nevertheless, I don't really want Season 4 without having 1-3 first…-11

That is the complete seasons 1-5 (region 1) the single box sets (also region one) can also be found there
Got mine from ebay - Just watch out though if you're going down this road, as there are many pirates floating about!
Some of the more recent episodes/series have been really funny, you are missing out! Mr Twig is telling me we are half way through series 11... ;-)
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