south park timmy toy

    looking for any deals for a south park timmy soft toy. post you links :thumbsup:


    There's one on eBay that is bidding from 99p

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    sorry. rather not use ebay auction.

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    come on people anywhere in the uk i can buy this except ebay?

    Just google it. It's all I ever do and eventually you will find what you are looking for mate. :thumbsup:…B=A

    That's a good one. £24.99 though. You could always get Big Gay Al instead! :giggle:

    Out of stock?

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    damn yeah out of stock.

    I have had a good google and that's the only one I could find. Have you tried american websites? Maybe you can get one shipped in for a decent price?

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    yeah ive googled uk sites without luck. will try us sites.

    Failing that you can always buy from eBay in a buy it now auction. Have you tried Toys' R Us?

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    not tried Toys' R Us. i will keep looking.

    Have they pulled the toy or something? Wouldn't surprise me!

    Toys R Us are worth a try. Might be worth popping in and having a look rather than looking online. Can't think of anywhere else mind.
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