Southampton Docks to Bus Terminal

    Does anyone have any information or experience of getting from Southampton Cruise Terminal to the National Express Bus Terminal. I have to find transport back to Heathrow, or London tube Stations



    Di you mean you wantto know how to get from the cruise terminal to national express? I live in Soton and from what I can tell they are quite close together. It is a 15min walk or 5 min taxi. The national express takes approx 2 half hours to get to london victoria. I hope this makes sence let me know if you mean something else.

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    Hi and thanks for your quick reply.

    I need to find transport back from the Cruise Dock to Heathrow (which is not far from where I live) or to London victoria, where I can get a tube home. I wondered if it was and easy walk to the bus terminal with my suitcases. Do you know how far the train station is from the Docks. As It might be easier by train?



    I would say that the national express and central station are on a par distance wise so either would be okay. There are quite a few cruise terminals but they are all quite close together. Personally budjet permiting I would opt for a taxi from the terminal (5 mins) less hassle if you have lots of bags. The train would get you back quicker about 90 mins to waterloo or national express which is a lot cheaper but takes about 3hrs depending how may stops etc. Best to check out the train timetables and national express time tables.

    Hope this helps.

    Are disembarking a ship? There will be plenty of taxis available. It will be too far to walk with suitcases. It has been a number of years since I worked on P&O Cruises but there was a shuttle bus provided by P&O to carry passengers into the town, stopping at Coach Station and Train Station.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks very much for the information and taking the time to respond to my queries.
    You are right it is best to get a taxi to the bus station rather than lug heavy suitcases!!

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    Wow - that's useful information. I will check with P&O to see what there current services are re shuttle bus.

    Thanks for replying to me

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    Thanks for that - Heathrow would be easier, I suppose I have to pre book the National Express? Never used them before. We are flying out from Heathrow, but arriving back to Southampton

    Just to throw a bit of a spanner in. Have you tried putting origin and actual destination into Traveline's national door to door planner? It's here…p=Y and it's very good.

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    Thanks for the info on Transport direct - I have added it to my favourites. I have decided now the cheapest way is by National Express, just have to book taxi from docks if P&O don't put on a shuttle bus.

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    Taxi's park right outside the national express terminal when coaches … Taxi's park right outside the national express terminal when coaches arrive so you should have no problems getting one from the coach station and they wait at the cruise terminal too so again you should be fine with the taxi's

    Thanks I will get taxi, - probably I will still have sea legs and be bit wobbly so not able to walk!!!

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    Just looked in again to see if there was anymore answers and found your link for 10%
    Great - thanks very much
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