Southern Rail 24h Strikes due next week (22nd Feb)

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Found 15th Feb
Due to a staffing issues/shortages, trains have been left as a "Driver-Only" Services. Meaning just what it sounds like. The driver alone takes on the usual duties of other staff. Obviously this could and has caused disruption in the form of delays and even safety concerns, as well as possible problems for disabled passengers boarding.

The Strike is due to take place next Wednesday 22nd Feb

He said: "The abject failure by Southern Rail in yesterday's talks to take the safety issues seriously has left us with no option but to confirm further action.

"These disputes could have been settled if Southern/GTR had listened to our case and given the guarantee of a second safety critical member of staff on their trains.

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If you have any doubt about the need for a guard/ticket checker, try travelling on any train late in the evening. Especially if you are female. In this case, the railway companies are a real problem and the union is right. 30 years of travelling on the main line service to Ashford has shown me just how serious this problem is.

Or there be on time , Having read the argument on both sides the idea that I have to be late for work because a second member of staff couldn't get out of bed on time or there train running late is a joke !

Any facts/evidence to prove that anytonyprovan? I hope for your and everyone else's sake that nothing happens on a train your on where by something could have been prevent with a second member of safety critical staff. Even the RSSB (so called safety board) made a video about it with devastating consequences without one but later retracted it. Search RED 43.

At least it's during the half term. I go to college everyday by train and it's really annoying when they strike
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