So..what are you all upto this wonderful Wednesday

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Found 20th Aug 2008
title says it all....what are you all doing today....

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wednesday today????????

Interviewing Flash & action script 3 Developers :thumbsup:

so in reality you wanna know what everyone did yesterday i presume

oooooooh my time machine works:)


Now where is my big fail pic?

worrying that it was only tuesday and that i wasnt even halfway through the week even though i feel ive been here forever

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What are you upto today then?

just been to see The dark Knight and thoroughly enjoyed it


Interviewing Flash


he's a miricle.....

bout to go training in about an hour :-(

what do you do that can be rained off?

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Nice day all round then

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Cheek. :roll:

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Only when i bend down :whistling:

Now you should stop. This is a family forum

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At least i didn't post a picture,lol :-D

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