Space Fibre Pillows

    I remember seeing an advert for some pillows that were made of the same fabric they used on space missions. They look really comfortable and I quite fancy a pair of them.

    Does anyone know where I can get them?



    try a search on ebay for memory foam pillows thats where i got mine can not remeber the name of company but they have a picture of a lovely sky on their advert
    i will check the name out when i get home from work

    here is the link…tem


    Is this the high density 'foam' pillows that mould to the shape of your head?

    If so try your local Dunelm as my local store had some at the weekend.

    I am not to sure of the price, but noticed them as I have to use a proper orthopedic shaped pillow, and have one in this same material.

    They also have the top matress as well, and seemed to have a special offer on these.

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    Yep the ones the auto mould to your head - im also considering a matress made of this too - does anyone else have such a matress that can comment whether its worth it?


    the link i gave above will take you to a manufacture of matress and pillows if you click on the other sales you will see their full range i did a lot of home work before i made my purchase and found there products exellent value also if you look at the feedback you will see what i and other people think of their products


    I am going near Dunelm tomorrow and will have a look to see the make and prices of both the pillow and mattress.

    I know it took a while to get use to my pillow, but now it goes everywhere with me.

    I was luck and go it 2 years ago when I was in South africa on holiday. Would definately recommend it for people with bad backs.

    I did have a memory foam mattress and it was soooooooo comfy.
    I would recommend one to anyone. Well worth the money.


    Went to Dunelm prices as follows

    Pillows £44.95

    Single mattress, £99.99
    Double £129.99
    Kingsize £149.99

    It is their own make, so not sure of the quality or manufactor....

    Hope this helps
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