Space saver tyres

    Anyone know any sites that sell them. Every one I try has info on them but I can't seem to find any. Looking for a 16" if that helps.

    Thanks in advance



    I' not sure if these guys do it, you will need to input the tyre dimensions…ies

    Original Poster

    Thanks but I can't find any space savers for my dimensions. Really don't wanna pay the dealer so expensive the search continues.


    What are your dimensions, I'll try find some, if not try national, kwik fit, etc

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    I am looking for a 16" space saver, the actual normal tyres are 205/55R16 V. Do you need anything else?

    I may try calling the local kwik fit but they are expensive (for normal tyres), thought I might be able to get a price match off the web.
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