Space travel with Virgin Galactic, $1000 fully refundable registration fee

Posted 1st Jun 2020…tep

Your journey to space starts here

Welcome to Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline! Our purpose is to open up space for the benefit of life on Earth. We operate modern space vehicles that are designed to give private individuals the transformative experience of seeing our beautiful planet from the black sky of space. We have already sent our Spaceship Unity into space, creating 5 new astronauts recognized by the FAA. We will operate a regular schedule of spaceflights from our operational base at New Mexico’s Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Now, we are inviting you to bring your own dream of spaceflight one step closer. If you are serious about becoming an astronaut, step forward now!

One Small Step

Take your first ‘Small Step’ to space today, by paying a fully refundable registration fee of US$1,000*. In doing this, you will be put to the front of the line for new seats when they become available. At that time, you will be personally contacted with a firm Giant Leap offer, an incredible opportunity to confirm your journey to space

One Giant Leap

Our dedicated Astronaut Office will guide you through the Giant Leap spaceflight reservation process when new seats are released. Once you are firmly booked, you will become a full member of the exclusive Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Community, opening up a new world of connections and experiences as you prepare for your journey to the black sky.
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    Q: By paying the US$1000, am I making a spaceflight reservation?
    A: No, but you are taking an important step in that direction. As a One Small Step
    registrant, you will be in the priority group for an offer of a firm reservation (i.e.
    make the One Giant Leap!) as soon as we release more seats.

    No real price, no guarantee that you'd have a flight within the next 5 years... Pretty much oah them 1k refundable and they may provide you more info
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    Didn't Russell Brand sign up for virgin galactic, imagine paying 200k and having to sit next to him the whole flight 😡
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    Drugs are cheaper
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    I'd rather buy a tab of LSD and have my own little trip. Much cheaper too.
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    Q: How much will these new seats cost when you release them?We have not disclosed that and we may be able to offer a range of prices, but we will initially be charging more than the US$250,000 price point offered to those who signed up early..

    Thanks but I don`t have a spare £200k
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    This is just a price to register your interest, a single flight (hopefully return), will cost around £175,000.00.
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    What is their definition of going into space? What altitude would you get to?
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    Not going to happen. They will go bust before any paying passengers go to space.
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    Anonymous User
    Looking at what Virgin Galactic have achieved in comparison to SpaceX, i know where my money would be going if i could afford this, and it isnt into Bransons pocket. I would at least trust SpaceX to get me off the ground in one piece.
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    Probably a scheme of Branson's to filter money to his dying airline. (edited)
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    Anonymous User
    is it possible to sell these on?