Spaghetti with marmite

Found 14th Oct 2010
Watching nigella on channel 2 and she's cooking spaggetti with marmite. Looks quite nice to be honest.

What do you all think of the sound of it.

By the way how attractive is nigella


Marmots?! Isn't that some type of rodent...?

yeuch marmite! and personally dont think she is attractive,but each to their own

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Edited post. Mormot though. Tender meat

Sounds nice to me, I love Marmite & yes Nigella is hot!

I have marmite on toast with beans..!

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Sounds nice to me, I love Marmite & yes Nigella is hot!

Not just me then.


Russell Brand with big fat boobs.


marmite, Hmmmmmmmmmmm........................

Marmite, Don't they scrape that yeast extract from the rear end of bulls?

Note I didn't say it tastes like it. Not that daft

i saw this in her latest cook book, she says its tasty enough but the picture just loks like a bowl of plain spaghetti

i like marmite so id give it a try but not exactly gonna cook it for tea for the familly or anything
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