spam concern

    I received an email from [U which I've never heard of before, inviting me to become a member. At the bottom it gives my email address and password (which I've selected at many other sites).
    I don't know where they've got that from (probably passed on), but are they reputable?

    Should I be concerned about that, with those details, they could even get into my email account!

    [...I changed the password of my email account by the way


    I would be very concearned. since you have never used the site. therefore should not know your password. my advice is to go change your password on your more private logins, ebay, paypal, online banking, email etc. and change it to something with numbers following. i dont know much about spamming etc but i would deffo do that

    Would it be good to run your spyware stuff?

    Private Outlet is a privately-held company, domiciled at 5 rue du Landy 93210 La Plaine Saint Denis, France.
    If this company has your passwords, I would be concerned if they are passwords for sites like Ebay, Paypal Amazon etc. If that is the case change the other passwords asap.
    I would also be thinking about cancelling any credit cards that are registered with the above sites if that password gets you into the above accounts.

    Original Poster

    ^ I frequently do clear my system with spyware software.

    Luckily I use a different address for more important accounts like ebay etc, and sign up to other things with this one, so I'm not too worried...
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