Spamming of BFBC2 thread !!

Found 11th Mar 2011
Which idiot keeps spamming the tags on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 thread ... which has now been subsequently taken off the site...

Noob !!

BFN massive stay strong !

(Moderator intervention to reinstate the thread requested)
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Someone who is obviously a coward!
i dont know, such Muppets on this site. will always continue as dont think mods give 2 flying ****s about spam abuse.
I know, if a thread has no interest to you don't look! Some people on this site really need to get a life!
who ever it was put loads and loads of pathetic tags on the bottom just like last time .... really nasty comments ..... !!!!!
HUKD = Serious Business
Sad pathetic losers.
I was wondering what had happened to the thread!


Sad pathetic losers.

I know we're not the best clan, but that's a bit unfair!


Idiots. They should go out and play on their bikes instead of spamming on here.
It's the 2nd time this month, surely the mod's can see who is doing it and let loose the ban hammer?
Thread is under review. Thread will be back soon, Thanks.

Will lock this for now.

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