Who else is sick of the expiring/spamming for no reason on here?
    If it is cheaper or a better deal elsewhere - then yes but pls explain why - it will help others.

    But why dont people explain themselves, before voting cold?

    I'm only mentioning this because when I found this site, it was about bargains and not bitchiness!?!?!?!?


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    here I go again -before it is expired for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    because thestain lives on here

    The evolution and growth of internet forums inevitably brings this kind of behaviour with it. There isn't a lot you can do bar reporting and living with it TBH.


    just becasue a thread says expired in title doesnt stop you posting in it, why would you repost it

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    I'm in one of those moods

    Duplicate - spammed

    Original Poster

    From the previous post - thank you to the mod who is moderating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keyboard warriers


    If your post has been wrongly expired, please report it in the usual manner. It will be dealt with.

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    I really don't want to harp - but I look at the price and the quality and then post a deal.

    If I am wrong, then pls tell me.

    If I find a deal that is wrong, BEFORE voting cold, I will say so,

    If people cant be bothered, then why post on here - sorry to moan, but I am a true bargain hunter!!!!!


    This post should have been spammed. It's a duplicate of the previous created only 5 mins earlier.

    I'll leave this thread unmarked as spam for the time being. I've suspended a member for what I assumed as abuse of the spam option, when it appears that the offending member was indeed correct to do so.

    Not impressed btw. To the member suspended - I'll be contacting you directly with an apology.

    Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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