Spares for the hotpoint replacement dryer

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Found 25th Feb
When hotpoint had their dryer fiasco, they offered a replacement unit for £99. The unit was model number TDWSF83BEP…jpg

Unfortunately I fell over whilst carrying the water container and now it has a split in it. I have searched online but cannot find any spares for this unit. I would think that as it is the replacement dryer it should be fairly common but there is very little online. I've tried espares who usually are able to supply pretty much anything.

I know I will have to ring Hotpoint if I am unable to get any further but I'm concerned that they will take ages to provide on and it may well cost a fair amount of money.

Can anyone help with finding a spare?


i demanded a replacement FOC when the issue first happened and got it. Does it have a part number. There are online shops that will carry they spares definately.
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Thanks for the replies, the model number was in the main post TDWSF83BEP, I tried e-spares and no, it doesn't look like either of those. It is a white container similar to the first one, but not the same.

Can you see a part number anywhere on the outside of broken water container?
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I had a very similiar issue with a Indesit, could not find the part any where, went to the manufacturer who would only supply with a engineering visit, never mind it did not require an engineer to fit, wanted close to £200 for the visit and the part. needless to say it left the building and I no longer buy hotpoint, whirlpool or indesit.

Contact the spares department at, they'll source it.

Email the spares sites as they don't list everything. Some say on there sites... If you can't see part on our site email us.....

hi there, some of the hotpoint have s drain hose that you can attach to a standpipe/washer drain, just a thought

Insure it with domestic and general and start the plan straight away , also get the policy number down then ring hotipoint and say u need to order this part and provide the policy number qallaaa
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