Spartacus: Blood and Sand - who's going to be watching it tonight?

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Found 25th May 2010
Been looking forward to watching this for ages, the trailers have looked awesome
who else is going to be watching?

10pm Bravo

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I will be watching, forgot it was on thanks for the reminder

I keep hearing so many good things about this soft porn movie (apparently it's main redeeming feature!) that I think I'm going to have to give it a go. I've already got them all on the computer though so will probably get through it over the next couple of weekends!

not for me, don't like blood :oops:

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not for me, don't like blood :oops:

but it's got half naked men in it :thumbsup:
oooo and sand

Not sure - can't picture John Hannah as being antything other than a bumbling oaf in the Mummy! He wasn't even a convincing Rebus many moons ago. Ach - probably will watch it just out of curiosity

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there's soo much good tv on tonight!!!

vampire diaries
and V!!


there's soo much good tv on tonight!!!vampire diariessparticus and V!!

i'm not entirely sure if you are being sarcastic or not! :-D

is this just Gladiator but in series?

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is this just Gladiator but in series?

yeah i think it's kind of gladiator filmed in the style of 300

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thanks for the reminder Miss P totally forgot :thumbsup:

no probs

A couple of my friends having been waxing lyrical about this series.
From the promos and coverage I have seen it looks absolutely ridiculous - In a good way of course...

I have watched the whole series and although you might not want to watch it with your mum, it isn't too much. John Hannah is actually quite good, as is "Xena".

I wasn't convinced until about episode 3 or 4 and then i was hooked. Well worth a watch although i reckon being on Bravo might put a few people off.

I however will be watching the genius of "The Scheme"

john hannah doing servant women from behind, lucy lawless getting her jugs out. sweaty musclebound blokes fighting each other with....CG blood spurting everywhere.

if you like stuff without a plot or decent dialogue, it'll keep you entertained.
I got bored after 3 eps

amazing show. Amazing first series. Enjoy
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