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Found 6th Aug 2010
Is anywun watching that Spartacus program on Bravo chanel?

Me and misus av been watchign it from the start, its gettin well good!

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Watched the full season and yes it is brilliant, can't wait for the prequel, and then further down the road the sequel

How far in have you got?


I am!
Didn't have much hope for it after first 2 episodes but glad I stuck with It! now I can't miss an episode

First 2 episodes the swearing was so excessive I'm all for a bit of swearing but it just seemed so out of place but after the first 2 it seems to of been toned down it's actually got a good story to it

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yeah the story is startin to kick in, we watched it on tuesday on bravo wer spartacus was wonded and delirios from killin his frend and gt replace by krigsus (or wateva his name is) in the games, i propa loved 300 and gladiator so this is like ma perfect series lol

dint know they were gona make more thats wickid!

The guy who played him has got cancer as well !!

Although fighting it & currently filming season 2

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serios? thsts bad tht, it must be gud if they r makin a second program!

Andy whitfield has been cancer free for over a month now
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ooo spartacs is plannin an escape mint
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