speaker attachment cable

    hi guys try my best to describe what i am looking for. mate has got a new pc and will be using his old speaker system but the new pc has intergrated sound, but his old speakers/subwoofer requires 3 connections (red, green & black) now he requires an adaptor to connect hiossubwoofer to his to his PC sound port.
    rep for help in right direction.


    If its a PC, why not get a new sound card for it which will accpet the connections ?

    Something like this as an example do you mean ??…1-4

    Depending on what MB hes got in the PC .... find out the MB spec and free slots then do a search...

    Are there 4 speaker plus subwoofer ?

    If so I would guess, the black will be a connection to the woofer, the green the stereo front speakers and the red the surround spakers at the rear.

    What make / model are the speakers.

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    he is looking for the the thing he arrowed in this pic.



    he is looking for the the thing he arrowed in this … he is looking for the the thing he arrowed in this pic.]


    How many connections on his motherboard for sound. I can't think of any that have just one and claim to have integrated sound.

    I'm really really confused :thinking:
    Here's my understanding:
    3.5mm stereo, split to 3-way female 3.5mm jacks
    Subwoofer matrixed out of low frequency Left and Right Channel.

    What connection is on the end of the speakers, 3.5mm male?

    Why not say what motherboard your mate has ?
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