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    I've been gifted my mum's old hi fi system, but the copper cables which connect to the speakers are a little short.

    can anyone point me in the direction of a cost effective speaker cable supplier?


    See rolls of it in poundland yes £1

    Is this a mini/midi system or separates and what brand/model please?

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    Is this a mini/midi system or separates and what brand/model please?

    it's a biggie, seperate decks for amp, tape, radio, cd etc but i only tend to use it as an amp/speakers for the TV as i stream all my content to the modded xbox.

    the amp is a sony TAFA3es - it was bought back in the 90's

    Well, Poundland cable will work but with a Sony amplifier, even an old-ish one, it's probably worth shelling out a little bit more. Not too much though as it's just for the TV so perhaps QED 79 strand at £1.46 per metre with free delivery here…1_0

    Hi, Just laid out my living room before getting new floor laid this weekend - bought the speaker cable from Argos, great quality, really well covered and tested great. It was £9.99 for 10 metres which left me with enough for a couple of further replacements. Here is the link if you need it.…gt;

    Get yourself down to richersounds. Dont use poundland cable its ****. Depends on how much you want to spend but at 99p a meter Gale symphony cable is decent. Or Symphony 300 (what i use) is brilliant. Check out this link:…LS2

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    thanks guys, i got some cable from richersounds
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