Speaker Impedence setting?

    My speakers' impedence rating is between 4-8 ohms and my amp has 2 impedence settings: 4 ohms and 6 ohms. Will one setting mean a better performance or will it just sound the same(ish)?. I'm sure someone once told me to choose the lowest setting when possible, but I'm not 100% sure. Any help will be appreciated.


    Set at 6 will be in between the max and min.

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    Jackie Chan;3447034

    Set at 6 will be in between the max and min.

    [SIZE="2"]Although, is it better to set it nearest the max or min?:thinking:[/SIZE]

    Difficult question to answer as it varies dependent on equipment used, set up and purpose.

    Is it a large room your in, how spread are your speakers, are there just 2 speakers, what do yu preffer, bass, clarity or just noise? :thinking:

    here's a good place to look for deeper understanding tho ;-)


    tbh my understanding goes as far as 4 ohms is the usual impedence for in car stereos so possibly smaller environments where as home hifi's were once set upto 8 ohms.

    so if you have a nice size front room 6 sounds better to me :thumbsup:

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    Cheers leme, I'll give it a good look later as I'm off to work soon.

    Thanks and rep for the above comments :thumbsup:
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