SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE SWEEPSTAKES - Each entry costs a 25p PayPal gift to the winner or charity (closes May 31st) The most popular thread on Misc.

    Next Speaker of the House of Commons Sweepstake. Winner announced June 22nd.


    (1) You can enter up to four names of potential winners, but each entry requires a payment of 25p to the winner.

    (2) If more than one member picks the next Speaker, each losing entrant has the choice of who to send their 25p gift to from amongst the winners.

    (3) You can spread your losing stake amongst winners (minimum 25p increments) or award it all to one of them.

    (4) If nobody wins, you should drop your stake in a charity box.

    (5) If you choose the winner from among your entries, all of your losing entries are cancelled. In other words, you will owe nothing to the other winners (or yourself!).

    (6) You must clearly mark each of your entries to distinguish it from general chat and the number of your entry (e.g. "My first 25p entry is Gordon Brown")

    (7) Winners have no claims on any member's stake. Losing stakes can be donated to a charity rather than the winner if preferred.


    Original Poster

    Reserved for a running total of entries.

    Liddle ol' me: George Young

    frank field or anne widdecomb, but its just for laughs unless of course I win then I will send in the hounds for my cash.

    Original Poster

    George Young is my first 25p stake

    Original Poster

    :lol: this thread worked well! :lol::lol::lol: What a plonker the OP is! :lol:

    i dont any names of who would be allowed to be speaker :lol:

    Original Poster


    i dont any names of who would be allowed to be speaker :lol:

    I know - I don't what came over me when I made this thread :lol: I've just expired it - that might make it more interesting :lol:


    Good idea.... but have a feeling it won't be allowed. (Judging by previous similar things involving cash!)


    i dont any names of who would be allowed to be speaker :lol:

    snap, im dumb about politics tbh, i dont get it all :?
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