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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for some silver speaker stands for my new Logitech Z-5500 speakers.

    I need 4 of them (2 front & 2 rear) - anyone got any deals on these ??

    I've seen some in Argos for £50 for 4, and I havent got a clue where else to look.




    slightly off topic, how are the z5500's? iv ordered some and really excited bout trying them out. whats the base like? thanks

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    They come on Friday !

    Delerium ordered some at the same time as me, but paid an extra £30 to get them delivered next day - I'll get him to post a review on here sometime this morning !!

    Well....Z5500's....only one word seems to fit the bill..."Awesome". These babys not only look good but they pump out some serious sound quality (I'd say rivalling cinema!). Yes I'd recommend these without a doubt. The sub is pretty big and heavy but i've just compared it to my last sub (for PC). I'm looking forward to hearing its slendour when i get home for some surround sound gaming on my xbox later!

    One thing to note though - it has 2 digital ports but one is optical and the other is coaxial. Don't let this put you off as you can get an Optical<->Coaxial converter for about £14.99.


    Also Intrested in some speaker stands, i have the logitech X-530 and only need 2 silver stands. If any one can find some where for cheap speaker stands please let us know. I can only imagine how good the bass is with the Z5500 as mine are prety strong themselves lol.

    sorry to hijack the thread but i just thought i wouldnt waSte bandwith by opening a new thread!:thumbsup:

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    Wow - old thread !!

    i ended up mounting mine on the roof - they look perfect & out of the way !

    lol sorry bout that i diddnt realise this thread was old. The wires that mine came with are not long enough to allow them to be mounted to the roof, however if anyone can find me some speaker stands for cheap id really appreciate it.
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