Speaker Wire and Banana Plugs


    Just purchased a new amp and speakers and need to purchase the above.



    What would be the best wire to buy. I have read that the quality of the wire makes a difference, so ideally would like wire that is good quality but also cheap.



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    What you need for great sound is a high current carrying capacity. Current is measured in Amps. Other factors such as gold plating have no effect on how it will sound (the pro's such as recording studios and theatres don't use gold plating).

    In my case the wires are all hidden so I go for the cheapest option, which is 1.5mm2 "twin and earth" mains cable. It's the stuff electrictions use in building construction and therefore available cheaply from most DIY stores and even cheaper (if you buy by the drum) from wholesalers such as tlc-direct. B&Q do 25 metres for £14.38. It has three wires (you only need 2) so cut off the smaller middle wire.

    Of course sometimes other factors apply, such as appearance and flexibility. For example the 'flat' cables that run under carpets. I can't really help you there.

    Banana plugs I would buy from Maplin (they have a store near me). For example stock codes L86AZ and L87AZ.

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