Speaker wire,wheres the best place to buy??

    Hi im going to be buying a 5.1 speaker set up for my lcd tv and will be needing more wire so i cn put each speaker in the corners of the room,i was wondering as i have never done this before will i need a special type of wire?if somone can point me to any wires that are on ebay etc that would be great



    We brought speaker wire from Asda works fine and only paid £5:thumbsup:

    I would suggest you buy the cheapest wire you can find.
    Try somewhere like B & Q or Sainsburys homebase or the like.
    You can buy wire from there by the metre ( Used to be foot when I last bought :-D ) so you can get the lenghts you need.
    You can buy wire for £5.00 a metre but I doubt if most people can hear the difference they produce. :thumbsup:

    For a high end setup you will benefit from quality wiring. I would either point you in the direction of richer sounds, or poundland who do an (apparently) oxygen free copper roll for £1:whistling:

    yeah poundland has nice speaker wire for a quid


    yeah poundland has nice speaker wire for a quid

    yeah saw it today

    used the poundshop stuff on my surround set up, absolutely fine.

    wilkinsons sell speaker wire by the meter, i have even seen bell wire used, so you could always go with the cheepest option

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    managed to get some from homebase,my sony cinema 5,1 will be with me tomorrow so i will probaly be on here needed more help lol,is it easy enough to conect the extra wire?i bought 2 blockes where u connect the wires through and tighten the screws up....
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