Speakers - 2.1 or 5.1 with Optical In.


    Looking for a set of decent speakers, either 2.1 or 5.1 (although Subwoofer probably not a must), with optical in, as well as standard stereo input (red&white) also.

    The idea is to connect the Xbox360 with the optical, and have a DVD player connect through standard stereo connection.

    Anyone know if I can get a decent set for £30-50?



    I've been looking for that same thing but not had much success and definetly not for under £50.

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    Have you found anything that may do the job, and what kind of prices should i be looking at? Cheers.

    not really, there aren't many speakers that have optical input you might be better off getting a home theatre system although you have a dvd player so there might be an issue there, or you could get a Hi-Fi or Tuner Deck but you wouldn't get speakers with a tuner or the AV Control Centre which can have quite a few audio and video imputs but again no speakers.

    I'd say your looking for something in the region of £80-£150 but like i said i haven't found anything and i'm certainly no expert.

    I have been using the Creative GD580 for about a year now, and I can say I am very happy with the sound quality. Although the retail price is expensive (around £200), I managed to get it for a bargain price of £60 off everyone's favorite fleabay, and it has served me well.

    If you manage to get it sub-£100, I would consider it a good deal.

    i knew that creative do a few inspire models with optical but i couldn't find any online, didn't think to check ebay.
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