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Found 15th Nov 2016
My boyfriend is an avid PC gamer and has recently got himself a new desktop PC. Everything looks and plays great, however he does not have any speakers or microphone and uses his phones headset whilst playing with friends.

I would therefore like to buy him some speakers for Xmas but have no idea what would be the best. Is it possible to buy speakers with a built in mic as his PC doesn't have one? Or would this need to be purchased separately? Although they would mainly be used for gaming, sound would also be great to be able to watch Netflix without having to share an earplug!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated to give me some ideas!


What budget ?

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Would a max budget of £150 for both get me far?

I recommend this with the appropriate stand or scissor hand to hold it (one included is small), it's flawless as £50+ microphones on headsets and is also a condenser to offer a deeper voice (hint, hint - people respect that higher, it's the reason radio hosts love this design):


You have to use push to talk (or vocal activation at the voice level), though, as it detects omnidirectionally - all sound will be detected in all directions. It can be paired with separate headphones (Sennheiser a nice brand) very well, but maybe you want speakers to easily communicate with him as my misses does? For that, it'd need to be a microphone that isolates sound very well from the speakers - preferably designed to only input audio away from the speakers!

Please understand that a majority of 'gaming headsets' are heavily overpriced/meh and only expensive for being integrated or branded, it's preferable to buy a decent combination of a microphone and headset (or speakers).

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blue make very good mics. for gaming would recommend headphones (not headset)

Honestly if your planing on buying a gamer speakers to replace headphones for gaming then you'll sorely disappointed.

Headphones remove background noise so you can hear everything in the game, with online games (especially FPS) it makes a massive difference.

What about buying a pair of headphones with (maybe a detachable) microphone and also a set of speakers?

I bought some Logitech speakers from Amazon some years ago, 2.1 that cost around £40 and they're fine for music/tv etc. 99% of the time I wear my headphones, whether it's gaming or watching tv. Speakers only come out when there's someone else watching/listening.

These are the ones I have, quite cheap yet pretty decent, it has some nice bass. amazon.co.uk/Log…SMU

I think they're discontinued now so other models are available for £30-£100 amazon.co.uk/s/r…ers

Is there room for a 5.1 (or 7.1) set?
5.1 means Front Left, Right, Centre
Rear Left, Right.
Subwoofer box.

For games that have decent positional audio, it means you can hear that something is behind you.
If unable to place the rear speakers at the rear, then position them at the front, pointing 45% out to the sides so the sound reflects via the walls, or on a shelf above so the sound reflects off the wall behind.

A 7.1 system adds side left and right, even better positional audio, but a nightmare to position all those speakers & speaker wires!
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