Speakers for my Freeview/DVD Recorder

    I have recently purchased a 24" dell monitor(from hotdeals) for my daughters bedroom for xmas as she wanted a tv in her room. I have it connected to her pc which has speakers already and i have it connected to her new DVD recorder with freeview built in via HDMI. Now the freeview looks lovely but i now need some sound for it! Im looking for some speakers around £50 or cheaper if possible as ive already spent a fortune! Im totally confused now over what speakers would be compatible as there doesnt seem to be any details on connections or is it a given that all speakers would be compatible with my dvd recorder? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The monitor is Dell S2409W and the recorder is Panasonic EZ28EB-K.


    Most speakers would work, but you should look at a few things, has the DVD player got a built in decoder? if it has then just buy any speakers, if not get some with a decoder built in.
    personally I would get some with a built in AMP, the onhy thing you will have to check is what connections you have from your DVD for sound, you might have to buy a connector from Maplin (but it is probally just phono connections, in which case most speakers just take that, if not you might need a Phono to 3.5mm jack connector, a couple of £ from maplin)

    What DVD player is it and any chance you can get a decent picture of the connectors on the back of the DVD, I could then find a cheap set for you if you like

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    thanks for your help. its a panasonic EZ28EB-K. I will try to get a pic. It looks to have lots of connecrions at the back including phono and optical out. What do you think to these?…ZJ9

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    whats a decoder? sorry for my ignorance:oops:

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    i think these look better? says compatible with dvd? Will these be okay?…,en

    They will work, take a look here thou, they are cheaper here and if you spend £50 you get free postage…e=1

    the next set up is still cheaper and as its over £50 its free postage.

    The other in that link will still work, but you might still need an adapter for all of them as none tell you what connections you get, but these are very cheap.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks for your help chuckles i think ill go for them
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