Speakers for pc / xbox 360

    hi, i have been banished to the study with my xbxo 360 and so i have had to purchase a cga cable for the console today, it also has a left and right stereo connection, red and white but i ahve really cheap pc speakers so i have no sound for the xbox, what i am after are some cheap but compatible stereo speakers where i can play pc sound through them or stereo output from the xbox please.
    thanks if anyone has any ideas
    Danny =)

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    Go ]here and ]here for help on setting up with VGA

    You can get a new set of speakers with RCA inputs, but alternatively I believe that you can use a RCA to stereo mini-jack (headphone) adapter. They look like this:

    I'm hoping to get a monitor for my xbox soon, so that I can read the text on Dead Rising!
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