Speakers for PS3

    I have just purchased a new 3D tv and PS3 however I now want to buy a good speaker system to make it that bit better. Any suggestions for a 5.1 system, hopefully not too big though, dont want tallboy speakers.



    How much are you wanting to spend??

    I have got yamaha RXV667. Monitor audio Silver series floorstanders and kef 1005.2 surrounds. Really please with it.
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    get an amp, floorstanding speakers and optical cable from tv to amp, ! pricey and you will need an all in one remote but worth it!!

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    Im not really sure of what price they go for to be honest. just want a good deal

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    looks nice, have you got this unit?

    Well i would recommend one of the yamaha amps on hukd. You need to decide what potential you want it to have. if you have 7.1 or 5.1 etc.

    Also decide how big you want your speakers.

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    only after small speakers due to the space and only really need a 5.1


    looks nice, have you got this unit?

    yup I bought a set from Amazon when they went down to £199 or £179 . They are still in the box and have been for the last 4 months.

    I have the z5450 with 2 back wireless speakers in one of my bedrooms and they are very good speakers so the z5500s being higher spec should sound just as good if not better.

    I have a set of Gigaworks s750 7.1 speakers downstairs but I doubt you are going to be able to find those at a decent price (new) This being the reason I bought a set of the z5500 when I did in case they go off and I need to replace them with something decent.

    I had a feeling the z5500s were going to go right up in price (some are selling for nearly £400)

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    I have noticed the price varies online a lot. I think they do look smart though. Just a shame they still aren't £179

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    I have been offered a month old Z550 for £180. Im undecided if I should buy it or not
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